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What Clients Say About Adam Gomerman

My husband and I were in terrible financial trouble. My husband had been laid off from his job and I could not work because I had to be home to care for our two small children. Adam Gomerman and his compassionate staff actually changed our life! From the moment that we met Mr. Gomerman, our minds were at ease. He is a very bright and caring person with lots of experience and a really great personality. Although he obviously has a very busy practice, he really impressed us by giving us a lot of very personal attention. Unlike another law office that we had consulted with that was somewhat of a \"mill\", we did not have to fill out any papers. All of the information was gathered by Mr. Gomerman personally. This was very impressive! I am now proud to say that we are \"debt free\" and Mr. Gomerman\'s staff is helping us to rebuild our credit! Highly Recommended!! An Excellent Bankruptcy Attorney

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We are glad you are here! We hope that this web site will prove to be a valuable tool to gain knowledge about all aspects of consumer credit law.

Our office has over 20 years of experience assisting thousands of Long Islanders get back on their feet financially by using the Federal bankruptcy laws to their advantage. We are highly experienced in all aspects of consumer credit law, including foreclosure defense, mortgage law, foreclosure law, Chapter 13 law, Chapter 7 law, and loan modifications. Our loan modification attorneys have modified hundreds of mortgages in recent years.

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Loan Modification

To put loan modification simply, it is the process of asking your lender to make adjustments to your mortgage in order to avoid defaulting on the loan and going through foreclosure.


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Chapter 7 – Straight Bankruptcy

When most people think of bankruptcy, they are thinking of what is called a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The person owing the money, called the “Debtor” submits information to show all assets (what he or she owns) and all liabilities (what he or she owes).

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Chapter 13 – Wage earner Bankruptcy

The Debtor submits information which shows all assets and liabilities. A “Trustee” is appointed to oversee the restructuring of debts. Creditors are paid back in whole or in part as requested by the Debtor and as approved by the court.

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